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Route description (travelling from Prague)

The town of Rogoznica is located in central Dalmatia, 30 km south of Sibenik, 50 km north of Split in the cleanest part of the Adriatic sea. The journey takes about 11 hours by car (from Prague).

Czech Republic


The recommended route leads through Brno to Mikulov. We advise refueling in the Czech Republic as it is more expensive in Austria!

From Vienna, drive in the direction of Graz and then to the border crossing called Spielfeld. The highway Exit to Slovenia is well marked, directly on the asphalt. When turning, each lane leads somewhere else so stay in the lane with Slovenia marked.

Drive to Maribor (direction Zagreb) - to the border crossing called Gruškovje.

The highway leads from Zagreb up to Sibenik where there is an exit to Primošten. Along the way you will pass Krka National Park. Do not turn into the center of Sibenik, but go further in the direction of Split. Go towards Primošten - Rogoznica - (Trogir and Split) along the coast, beyond Primošten you will come across the turning into Rogoznica (large well-marked junction - right lane - Rogoznica).

Local charges
Charges and fees in Austria
You have to buy a ten-day vignette for 260 CZK. It is sufficient for both routes. It can be purchased in Mikulov at any gas station and on the border. Around Vienna the police measure speed, so you should follow the speed limit.

Charges and fees in Slovenia
In Slovenia is the obligation of the vignettes (vignettes is required for highways and motorways) for one week (7 calendar days) for € 15 and € 30 per month.

Charges and fees in Croatia
The toll is paid in two places:
1st toll booth: 48 HRK
2nd toll booth: 181 HRK
You will pay altogether 229 HRK per car (sometimes they have problems with cards and euro rounded to 0.5).

Beware of traffic rules
When exceeding the speed limit by 40 kph the police will confiscate your passport. Be careful, the police measures speed in every second village! Each person not wearing a safety belt in the car will receive a fine of 250 HRK. Reduce speed to 20 kph at the toll booth.

When you get to Rogoznica...
From the turning to Rogoznica go straight ahead until you reach a bridge. Cross the bridge and turn left behind towards children playground. Continue about 400 meters along the water then you will see an "old" garage on your right and you're almost there. Just turn right up the hill just behind the garage. You can park one car per apartment for free here. Other cars must be left in the paid parking spaces.
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