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Interesting towns and places
The town of Rogoznica is a picturesque yachting resort - the local port, Marina Frapa, has been awarded the Best Adriatic Port Award three times in a row. Despite its small size it offers everything tourists may need: restaurants, shops, a bank, and various accommodation facilities. However, this is not a typical tourist resort with rows of hotels and shops and crowded beaches, which those who do not like such busy places will certainly appreciate. As the peninsula is further divided by two large bays, the town is lined with a long coastal belt, whose stony shores offer numerous swimming opportunities with adequate privacy.

This picturesque town, renowned for its narrow alleys and traditional country houses, consists of a mainland part as well as two peninsulas. On the first peninsula, there is the old village built on terraces. The other little peninsula, neighboring Raduča, is fully occupied by tourism facilities - accommodation, catering, entertainment, a beautiful indoor swimming pool, playgrounds, and various other sports facilities.

Šibenik is another important and conveniently located town in Croatia. It was proclaimed the cultural center for 2003. The town (41 thousand inhabitants) and the port in central Dalmatia are situated near the mouth of the Krka River, in the Šibenik Gulf. It is an important center of tourism with numerous admirable historic sights.
Trogir is called "Little Venice" by the locals. It is a true museum of medieval architecture. The history of Trogir dates back to the antiquity. In those times, Trogir was called Tragurion. The great value of its historic monuments was acknowledged in 1997, when Trogir was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list.
Split is the largest town on the coast of Croatia, the main economic, cultural, and transport center of Dalmatia (200 thousand inhabitants).
Kornati National park
The Kornati National Park consists of a group of small islands, islets, and reefs in the southern part of the North Dalmatia Islands, in the outer belt between the islands Dugi otok and Žirje, which run parallel to the coastal mountain ranges. There are neither watercourses nor freshwater springs on the lime or chalk islands. 
Krka National park
Krka, from its spring by the town of Knin to its mouth by Šibenik, is 72.5 km long. The national park occupies virtually entire length, from Nečvengrad to Šibenik Gulf. Here and there, the river runs through a deep and narrow lime canyon, with sides up to 200 m high.
Other activities
Sea kayaking
You can borrow a high quality tourist sea kayak, with rudder. Thanks to its flat bottom they exhibit excellent directional stability in waves and are easily manipulated as well as being very stable. So do not worry and get yourself out to sea!
Motor boats
The boat is capable of holding up to 8 passengers. The driver can be the only person who has a captain's license. Each captain must first complete a "test ride" with our experienced controller.
The windsurf is lined with neoprene to make it more comfortable when moving it from land to water. However, this sport is not recommended for beginners.
You can borrow up to four scooters that are built even for 'big' guys.
One evening we offer a barbecue on the shared terrace (fish and fruits of the sea), which our administrators will provide for you. However, the grillman is a trained Croatian cook. Unfortunately, it is prohibited to bring your own grill simply because of the possibility of a fire.

Party games
We offer many party games that will come in handy not only for rainy weather. You can play for example, Activity, Monopoly, Bang, cards and many more.
Table tennis
On the terrace there is a table tennis table, bats and balls.
Marina Frapa
Close to the apartments, in the Frapa Marina, there is a modern sports center where you can use:
  • swimming pool
  • tennis
  • fitness
  • squash
  • bowling

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If you want to spend your holiday more actively, we offer charters on out Nauticat 331 yachts. You can admire the beauty of Croatia from these boats.
More information can be found here: Navy Jane
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