Windsurfing camps
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Dear clients,
we are closely monitoring the situation regarding coronavirus spread and the measures implemented in all relevant states. We believe that it will be possible to realize booked windsurfing camps in Karpathos. In the event that it is impossible to realize camps due to extraordinary circumstances, we are ready to offer you an individual solution, whether it will be a change of the date of the stay or a refund of the amount of the missed stay. For now, we recommend you to wait how will the situation develop. However, if you insist on the immediate cancellation of your windsurfing camp, we would currently proceed according to the General Terms and Conditions, which are part of your contract.
Windsurfing camps on Karpathos
In cooperation with Meltemi, we have prepared several types of windsurfing camps on the Greek island of Karpathos. Thanks to the perfect Bays (Chicken Bay and Devil's Bay) and at the same time indispensable wind the island has very suitable conditions for windsurfing. We can say that this is a windsurfing paradise.
Camps are 7days or shorter, with instructor or without, suitable for both beginners and advanced. The courses are led by experienced certified instructors. You can also bring non-windsurfing companion for an individual price.
Camp includes:
Terms and prices of camps:
 5. - 12.6.2020
954 EUR
1 115 EUR
12. - 19.6.2020
965 EUR
1 127 EUR
19. - 26.6.2020
973 EUR
1 135 EUR
21. - 28.8.2020
1 054 EUR
1 251 EUR
 4. - 11.9.2020
973 EUR
1 135 EUR
11. - 18.9.2020
965 EUR
1 127 EUR
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